316 Stainless Steel Push in Fittings – 316 Inox Push in Fittings

For Metric / Inch Tubing, BSPP, G Male Thread

SPOC-G is a model No. of a series of round male connector – BSPP, G thread stainless steel 316 push-in fittings with O-ring thread seal, constructed of entirely of stainless steel that offers excellent corrosion resistance. Stainless steel pneumatic hex. socket head male straight fittings are widely used in the situation where the installation space is limited. Its hex socket allows tightening with a hex wrench. Accommodate metric tubing O.D ranging from 4mm to 16mm, inch tubing O.D ranging from 1/8″ to 1/2″. Thread sizes range from G, BSPP 1/8 to 1/2.


SPOC-G Hex Socket Head Male Connector

Part No. Push in Tubing O.D Male Thread Size
SPOC 04-G01 4mm BSPP, G 1/8
SPOC 04-G02 4mm BSPP, G 1/4
SPOC 06-G01 6mm BSPP, G 1/8
SPOC 06-G02 6mm BSPP, G 1/4
SPOC 06-G03 6mm BSPP, G 3/8
SPOC 06-G04 6mm BSPP, G 1/2
SPOC 08-G01 8mm BSPP, G 1/8
SPOC 08-G02 8mm BSPP, G 1/4
SPOC 08-G03 8mm BSPP, G 3/8
SPOC 08-G04 8mm BSPP, G 1/2
SPOC 10-G02 10mm BSPP, G 1/4
SPOC 10-G03 10mm BSPP, G 3/8
SPOC 10-G04 10mm BSPP, G 1/2
SPOC 12-G02 12mm BSPP, G 1/4
SPOC 12-G03 12mm BSPP, G 3/8
SPOC 12-G04 12mm BSPP, G 1/2
SPOC 14-G02 14mm BSPP, G 1/4
SPOC 14-G03 14mm BSPP, G 3/8
SPOC 14-G04 14mm BSPP, G 1/2
SPOC 16-G02 16mm BSPP, G 1/4
SPOC 16-G03 16mm BSPP, G 3/8
SPOC 16-G04 16mm BSPP, G 1/2