Push in Fittings PH Male Banjo a tubing at a 90° angle to a female threaded port. Male banjo is tightened on the top of the fitting by use of a flat wrench or a socket wrench. Accommodate metric tubing O.D ranging from 4mm to 16mm, inch tubing O.D ranging from 1/8″ to 1/2″. Male banjo is a common used part in the series of pneumatic fititngs and push in fittings.


1)Suitable for any tubes.
2)Easy steps to take tubes off.
3)Once inserted to the nut,the tube would not easily loose
4)Nickel-plated metal body ensures anti-corrosion and anti- contamination
5)All R and NPT threads are pre-coated sealant
6)Quick and simple tube insertion
7)Compact,lightweight design
8)Advanced, well-proven tube retaining system
9)Re-usable thread seal

1.One touch type connection tool for air pressure pipe
2.Various uses depending on the user’s environment

Working Medium :Air(No other gases or liquids)
Working pressure: 0~150PSI 0~10bar
Working temperature: 32~140 o F 0~60oC
Applicable Tube: Polyurethane and Nylon

Metric Tube ØD
4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 15mm 16mm
Inch Tube ØD
1/8″ 5/32″ 3/16″ 1/4″ 5/16″ 3/8″ 1/2″
Thread Standard and Type
R, PT, BSPT — 55° Taper Pipe Thread Metric Thread
R1/8 R1/4 R3/8 R1/2 M5 x 0.8 M6 x 1 M8 x 1 M10 x 1 M12 x 1.25 M14 x 1.5 M16 x 1.5 M20 x 1.5
UNF NPT — 60° American Standard Taper Pipe Thread
10-32UNF NPT1/8 NPT1/4 NPT3/8 NPT1/2

Inch Tube (inch)--Thread (NPT)

Part No.Tube ΦDThread (NPT)
PH 1/8-U101/8"10-32UNF
PH 1/8-N011/8"NPT1/8
PH 1/8-N021/8"NPT1/4
PH 5/32-U105/32"10-32UNF
PH 5/32-N015/32"NPT1/8
PH 5/32-N025/32"NPT1/4
PH 3/16-U103/16"10-32UNF
PH 3/16-N013/16"NPT1/8
PH 3/16-N023/16"NPT1/4
PH 3/16-N033/16"NPT3/8
PH 1/4-U101/4"10-32UNF
PH 1/4-N011/4"NPT1/8
PH 1/4-N021/4"NPT1/4
PH 1/4-N031/4"NPT3/8
PH 1/4-N041/4"NPT1/2
PH 5/16-N015/16"NPT1/8
PH 5/16-N025/16"NPT1/4
PH 5/16-N035/16"NPT3/8
PH 5/16-N045/16"NPT1/2
PH 3/8-N013/8"NPT1/8
PH 3/8-N023/8"NPT1/4
PH 3/8-N033/8"NPT3/8
PH 3/8-N043/8"NPT1/2
PH 1/2-N021/2"NPT1/4
PH 1/2-N031/2"NPT3/8
PH 1/2-N041/2"NPT1/2

Inch Tube (inch)--Thread (PT, R, BSPT)

Part No.Tube ΦDThread (PT, R, BSPT)
PH 1/8-011/8"R1/8
PH 1/8-021/8"R1/4
PH 5/32-015/32"R1/8
PH 5/32-025/32"R1/4
PH 3/16-013/16"R1/8
PH 3/16-023/16"R1/4
PH 3/16-033/16"R3/8
PH 1/4-011/4"R1/8
PH 1/4-021/4"R1/4
PH 1/4-031/4"R3/8
PH 1/4-041/4"R1/2
PH 5/16-015/16"R1/8
PH 5/16-025/16"R1/4
PH 5/16-035/16"R3/8
PH 5/16-045/16"R1/2
PH 3/8-013/8"R1/8
PH 3/8-023/8"R1/4
PH 3/8-033/8"R3/8
PH 3/8-043/8"R1/2
PH 1/2-021/2"R1/4
PH 1/2-031/2"R3/8
PH 1/2-041/2"R1/2

Metric Tube (mm)--Thread (NPT)

Part No.Tube ΦDThread (NPT)
PH 04-N014mmNPT1/8
PH 04-N024mmNPT1/4
PH 06-N016mmNPT1/8
PH 06-N026mmNPT1/4
PH 06-N036mmNPT3/8
PH 06-N046mmNPT1/2
PH 08-N018mmNPT1/8
PH 08-N028mmNPT1/4
PH 08-N038mmNPT3/8
PH 08-N048mmNPT1/2
PH 10-N0110mmNPT1/8
PH 10-N0210mmNPT1/4
PH 10-N0310mmNPT3/8
PH 10-N0410mmNPT1/2
PH 12-N0212mmNPT1/4
PH 12-N0312mmNPT3/8
PH 12-N0412mmNPT1/2

Metric Tube (mm)--Thread (PT, R, BSPT)

Part No.Tube ΦDThread (PT, R, BSPT)
PH 04-M54mmM5
PH 04-M64mmM6
PH 04-014mmR1/8
PH 04-024mmR1/4
PH 06-M56mmM5
PH 06-M66mmM6
PH 06-016mmR1/8
PH 06-026mmR1/4
PH 06-036mmR3/8
PH 06-046mmR1/2
PH 08-018mmR1/8
PH 08-028mmR1/4
PH 08-038mmR3/8
PH 08-048mmR1/2
PH 10-0110mmR1/8
PH 10-0210mmR1/4
PH 10-0310mmR3/8
PH 10-0410mmR1/2
PH 12-0212mmR1/4
PH 12-0312mmR3/8
PH 12-0412mmR1/2