Pneumatic Connection Solutions

China professional manufacturer for pneumatic fittings, push in fittings, air fittings, one touch tube fittings, nickel plated brass air fittings, all metal push in fittings, compression fittings, brass air fittings, air tubing, pneumatic silencers, air muffler, Push to Connect Fittings,DOT Push Connect Air Brake Fittings. etc

If this is in delivering the excellent quality, do you still think it is only an insignificant part?
If this is in driving the industrial energy, do you still think it is only a negligible technology?
If this is in inheriting the missions from industrial pioneers, do you still think it is only a humble mechanical product?
-FittingDeals, the driver for superexcellent quality breitling replica swiss and the supplier for first-rate service in the global field of pneumatic and hydraulic products.
Our factory located in Shiqiao industrial zone, Cixi, Ningbo, China sits on the base with the industry advantages of China advanced manufacturing and the location advantage of Hangzhou Bay Bridge and world-class port- Beilunport.、
For many years,Angricht is unswervingly devoted to manufacturing and developing all kinds of pneumatic & hydraulic fittings and hoses. The achievement is outstanding. Angricht today has an area of more than 10000 square meters, with 95 well-trained employees and the annual turnover reaches more than 60 million. The sales network has spread to more than 60 countries and areas.
Angricht is moving towards its super goals—to be the quality driver in the field of global pneumatic & hydraulic replica cartier uk products

Product Innovation

Innovation Section: comes from customer demand.
FittingDeals regards technical innovation as soul. With innovative products, we are never content with the number of patents, but in pursuit of customer satisfaction. This is the core of our strategy—product leadship and philosophy-innovation and application.
In the orientation of product quality and technological changes, our costly built R&D team and purchased research facilities to promote technical innovation in hydraulic & pneumatic area. The all-metal fitting developed by FittingDeals independently can be reached the standard of 200BAR high pressure, which belongs to the high level in the industry. — This is only an epitome of our technological innovation.
Now, pneumatic fittings, brass pneumatic connection, pneumatic quick coupler, valve, hydraulic quick coupler, silencer, air hose and air blow gun, total 8 series and more than one thousand items have the same quality genes and with a mark of innovation of Angricht.
FittingDeals follows a strategy of product diversification and personalized customizing. From listening to customers ‘ needs to develop and set up the project,from new product R&D to small batch trail-produce, from sample’s testing and approval to ERP system management…more than 30 scientific and rigorous development processes with personalized services of exclusive customizing.
This is the state of creator.