Quality section: Based on the global workmanship

In order to achieve the ambitious goal for the Global Services, we always push ourselves with the best standard in the industry. In order to meet customers all around the world, we have BSPP, BSPT, METRIC and NPT thread type, which not only enhance our quality standards, but also expand the product lines , realize the diversity of products and break the limitation of product customization.
We never want the large-scale production as our goal but very proud of meticulous manufacturing. For the choice between quality and quantity,we eternal stick to the former—It has become our rule for development.
The ISO9000 international quality system certification and other international standards system such as CE, UL, for mediocrity, they are regarded as the end of the recognition, but for us, they are start and power to make the quality better and better.
A production line contains more than 20 procedures, for mediocrity, it is a boring and repetitive assembly line, but for us, it is a lifeline to deliver our quality.
A batch of advanced equipment from Germany and Japan, for mediocrity, they are regarded as the machines just for instead of manual operation, but for us, they are the concept about quality demands same as German rigorous style and Japanese demanding style.
Today, we are continuing to improve product quality, with international quality system as our outline, adhere to high standards for material selection、precision production, automated testing, to achieve absolutely qualified for air tightness monitoring and appearance monitoring of products.

We has strict quality control process from making parts of fittings to packing.